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Normally you can come into our store any time during open hours and you will never wait more than 15 minutes. You can still schedule an appointment through Apple's website and this will give us more information about the issue you are having before you come in. Click below and select The Orchard as the location to schedule an appointment with us. 

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Unfortunately not everything is covered under Apple's warranty. Select your device for more information on out of warranty pricing and turn around times.

Terms of Service

Before You Come in

  • Backup your data

We can backup your device if needed but having your own backup will save repair time and will prevent future data loss. Learn how to backup your MacLearn how to backup your iPhone.  

  • Turn off Find My iPhone

To service your iOS device, Find My iPhone will need to be temporarily turned off. In order to turn off Find My iPhone, you must know your Apple ID and Password.* Find My iPhone can be disabled in Settings>iCloud. If your device does not power on, Find My iPhone can be disabled by removing the device from your account on     

* If you are unable to turn off Find My iPhone, Apple cannot provide support services. This policy is in force to prevent unauthorized persons from servicing your device without your knowledge. If you don't remember your Apple ID and Password, please go to iForgot.

  • Change any passwords to something you are comfortable giving to us

We need your login password to make a backup, troubleshoot issues in your OS, and to create repairs through Apple. Please change your passwords to something you are comfortable giving us, and then change them back once the repair is complete.

  • Bring in your device with only the necessary components. No cases, cables, or accessories. 

We only need what is necessary to solve the issues you are experiencing with your device. We have chargers, displays, and peripherals in store for us to troubleshoot with.