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You agree to pay all charges associated with the Service(s). No refunds will be given on Software or Labor. Apple Care that is activated can not be returned. No Cash Refund, Store Credit Only. If a refund is warranted a refund in the form of a check will be mailed to you within 10 business days.


Service Order

I authorize The Orchard Store to:

Perform the services requested on my product/products. I grant access to my product data and information for such purposes. Repair all apparent defects identified by The Orchard on my product. Use new or rebuilt replacement parts that perform to the factory operational specification of the product. Install software (accepting end User License Agreements on my behalf), utilize remote access and/or send my product to a regional service center which may be out of state, in order to complete the service on my product. Notify me for approval of all service that will exceed the minimum approved amount stated on the service order before my product is repaired and to return the unrepaired product to The Orchard location if I do not approve the repair.

Not back up any data on my product unless I specifically request The Orchard to do so for an applicable fee prior to the performance of any service. Notify me when the service on my product has been completed.
Correct, for no additional charge, any defects in workmanship of the repair service (excluding software repairs) within the 30-days from the date of pick up. Perform Apple Approved Diagnostics on my unit such as Apple Service Toolkit, which may send information about my unit to Apple for troubleshooting. Acknowledge that I may be charged a Storage Fee of $9 per week for up to four (4) weeks if my unit is not picked up within ten (10) business days of being notified that my repair is complete.

I agree to/or that:

Refer to the terms and conditions of my product warranty or service contract for information about coverage and applicable charges. Pay a non-refundable deposit on service. I understand The Orchard's data backup/recovery process and agree to pay the additional standard fees owed upon completion of these services. Present either this service form or a government-issued photo ID when picking up my product. Waive any claims regarding physical damage of my product if I do not report them at the time of pick up/delivery. The Orchard may dispose of my product if I do not pick up my product within 30 days of being notified by The Orchard that service on the product has been completed and, in the case of disposal, I waive any claims to my product, including all data and information on my product. I am responsible for de- authorizing any software licenses on programs prior to any repair. I am on notice that any product containing child pornography will be turned over to the authorities. PRIOR TO DELIVERING MY PRODUCT TO THE ORCHARD FOR SERVICE IT IS MY RESPONSIBILITY (1) TO BACK UP DATA ON IT AND (2) REMOVE ALL MEDIA AND STORED CONTENT FROM MY PRODUCT. WAIVE ANY DATA LOSS OR MEDIA LOSS CLAIMS, WHETHER OR NOT I HAVE REQUESTED THE ORCHARD TO BACK UP DATA, AGAINST THE ORCHARD AND UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL THEY BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS, ALTERNATION OR CORRUPTION OF ANY DATA, OR LOSS OF ANY MEDIA FROM MY PRODUCT. Waive any consequential or incidental damages against The Orchard that may occur as of result of this service. By signing this Disclaimer, I am verifying what accessories (if any) have been checked in with my product. These accessories include but are not limited to: Power Cords, Power Adapters, and Cases. If no accessories have been stated on the Service Order, I hereby waive my right to claim loss of accessory against The Orchard. I waive my right to a 30 day repair warranty if no diagnostic fee is paid at the time of service. I understand no out of warranty hardware service will be performed on my unit without pre-payment of all parts and labor. I give consent to The Orchard to receive my credit card information and process my credit card payment over the phone. I verify that I have read and agreed to the terms of this Service Order Disclaimer and that the name, address, and phone number listed above in the Customer Information Section is accurate.

I understand that ALL iOS Units are subject to a diagnostic fee, pending a Visual Mechanical Inspection (VMI). If the unit passes VMI and is In Warranty, the diagnostic fee is waived for In Warranty Units ONLY. If a unit fails VMI or the issue is related to software, the unit is considered Out Of Warranty and I agree to pay the iOS Diagnostic Fee before The Orchard can release my Out Of Warranty Unit to me.

"The following requested personal information (name, address, telephone number and email address) are necessary to proceed with the request for service. Your email address shall be transferred to Apple for the purpose of submitting to you a survey on your satisfaction for this service. By providing your email address you consent to this transfer and use by Apple for this purpose."