Have you changed your iPhone battery yet?

TOS-BatteryReplacement2 copy 2.jpg

Here at the Orchard we love taking care of older Apple products and keeping them up and running.

If your iPhone is running slower than it used to an old battery may actually be the problem. Now may be the perfect time to replace your iPhone’s battery and avoid having to purchase a new iPhone. There have been many rumors making their way around about the cause of iPhone slowdowns and your battery may actually be one of them.

Batteries don’t last forever unfortunately and after many charges, the life of a battery can start to decline quickly. If you bring your iPhone (or Mac computer) to the Orchard we can test your battery to see exactly how much life is left.  Apple recommends a battery replacement if it has less than 80% life left.

To help with this problem we are extending our 2018 price into the new year, for a limited time,  even though Apple has ended their special discount on battery replacements. If you’d like to take advantage of this deal and get your phone running much quicker we would love to hear from you. You can send us a message or give the store a call for details.

Eric Smith