3 Useful Features in "Do not Disturb" Mode

Apple's do not disturb function can help you have a better nights sleep and a more efficient day of work. Try these shortcuts to save time and make every day just a little bit better!

Sometimes we have those moments where you just can’t answer your phone and sometimes you just need a break from the digital world. We have a few quick tips to help you disconnect when you need to.

Here are three useful features in the “Do Not Disturb” mode on iPhones. When the “Do not disturb” feature is enabled, calls and notifications will be silenced allowing you to be focused on your task at hand.

Feature #1: Hardpress

If you pull up your control center and hardpress the do not disturb icon, you can select “Until I leave this location.”

So if you want to focus on a certain task, and don’t want to be disturbed during it, this will turn off notifications until you move locations.

Feature #2: Bedtime

This feature tracks your sleep and helps you to create healthy consistent sleeping patterns.

In this feature you can turn on the do not disturb so your sleep isn’t interrupted during your scheduled bed time hours.

Feature #3: Allow Calls From

The biggest concern with having Do Not Disturb on is that you might miss a call from a loved one in an emergency, but you can change the settings to allow all calls, or to allow calls from only certain people, like family or your significant other.

We hope these features help you to live a better life and crush your goals!

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Eric Smith