The Orchard Makes House Calls


3 Ways Orchard’s Onsite Services Will Change Your Life

Not every small business can afford its own IT department, and not every person working from home needs and IT department, however, it’s nice to have someone looking over your shoulder. That’s where The Orchard’s Onsite Services come in.

Let’s explore what these amazing services can do for you.

Your Home Office
Printer not connected to the wifi? iPhone not synced with your laptop documents? Guess what, there’s help and you don’t have to leave your home. An Orchard professional will sit down with you at your location and walk through what you need to get you started, business or personal!  These technicians are skilled in the setup of all your devices and can consult you on your next steps. 

Working Out the Glitches

Technical hiccups in your business or personal life are going to happen. Maybe you set up that firewall on your own and now it’s not working quite right? Partnering with the Orchard will get you back up and running fast. Our team of IT professionals will troubleshoot problems and provide solutions at your location.  They show up at your door and get to work!

Help for “Mom”
How many times a day do your parents call asking for help texting a picture? Or setting up wifi? Now you are not alone on your quest to make your parents tech savvy. The Orchard’s Home 101 includes the setup of one keyboard, mouse or trackpad, monitor(s), setup of iCloud, email, contacts, and calendar. Configure Mac with Apple Airport or Time Capsule. Configuration of printers with Mac and install software applications. Setup Apple TV with television, Mac, and iOS devices.

But it’s not just set-up. This is also training. Training consists of general Apple product usage information. If you need training on a specific application or software, the professionals at The Orchard have you covered.

Whether it’s setting up a firewall or helping turn your home into a smart home, The Orchard’s Onsite services can do it all. Don’t waste time getting frustrated, give The Orchard a call today.

Eric Smith